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"Ascension" — The Mark of the Purifiers

Master sword-builder "Irish Mike" of the YouTube channel michaelcthulhu has finished construction of the beautiful blade "Ascension" from THE WINTER SAGA. The Ascension blade is the very mark of the Purifier class, tattooed on the back of every Purifier's right hand. It is "the blade wreathed in flame," the physical symbol of genetic superiority, strength, and the pursuit of excellence. It represents the absolute pinnacle of Purifier achievement—a lofty goal that many reach for and few ever grasp.

If you have not yet seen this masterpiece of steel and brass and gemstones being constructed, then please enjoy the following video:

The journey to completion was a long one, but the end result is pure perfection—exactly what Ascension was created to represent.

My excitement is now building as I count down the days til Ascension's arrival.

Special thanks to Mike for the building of this magnificent blade! Get yourself a copy of WINTER'S FALL, Book One of THE WINTER SAGA (available in book and ebook) to see this divine blade in action.

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