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New Science Fiction Novel



Winter's Fall

Book Synopsis

Nearly 250 years have passed since Earth was devastated by the Blight, an engineered supervirus responsible for wiping out humanity and leaving behind a toxic wasteland.  Only by the benevolence of Sovereign Zeus did human beings survive.  In Olympus, a floating city high above the blighted surface world, humanity thrives once more under his protection and guidance.

January 'Winter' Winterton was formulated as a Purifier, a genetically enhanced soldier tasked with the divine mission to purify the surface world of the Blight and pave the way for the reclaiming of their beloved homeland.  At only nineteen years old, Winter has already proven to be one of the most proficient Purifiers of her generation—destined for Ascension to the heavenly realm of Elysium.

But as her choices start her down an uncertain and dangerous path, she'll have to discover where the lies end and the truth begins.

Christian Rivers' On Motorcycle_edited.j

Ever since the age of fourteen, it's been Christian's deepest desire and greatest dream to be a sci-fi and fantasy novelist.  On December 8, 2014, while working in his home studio, a fictional character named January 'Winter' Winterton walked into his life ... and The Winter Saga was born.

Winter's Fall is his first published work.

Christian loves DC and Marvel comics, Star Trek, Star Wars, Japanese anime, and, of course, riding his motorcycles.


Helena Faust

Helena is a true friend and inspiration in my life.  I first began work on The Winter Saga in December 2014, but it wasn't until I began working with Helena in the summer of 2016 that the dream became a reality.  Without her help, The Winter Saga would have remained an unattainable dream.  She's a writer, a fighter, and a lover of all things science-fiction and fantasy.


My dear friend, Helena, with all my heart, "Thank you."


Steve Argyle

I first discovered the beautifully creative work of Steve in the mid-2000's on DeviantArt.  As a young man with a passion for the arts, I immediately fell in love with his incredible work, and I remember my excitement whenever his next masterpiece would be posted.  It's been an honor to have worked with one of my all-time favorite artists on The Winter Saga.


Yvan Feusi

I just recently discovered the amazing work of Yvan.  After searching for literally months for that one artist with the talent necessary to illustrate the city of Olympus, I came across Yvan's art on Pinterest.  As soon as I saw his work, I said, "He's the one."  It's been a pleasure working with him and I'm grateful to call him my friend.

Ascension (Angle).png
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